For that Perfect Lawn

A Beautiful Lawn doesn’t happen by itself

For that Perfect Lawn

A Beautiful Lawn doesn’t happen by itself

Lawn Care

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Our gardeners are fully trained in lawn care and as part of our recruitment process are always DBS (formerly CRB) checked, so you can have confidence in the integrity of the people who come to treat your lawn.

We advise that lawns every now and again need scarifying and aerating, so that the build-up of ‘thatch’ which occurs naturally in all lawns can be removed to give a chance for the grass plant to grow, and not be smothered by the ‘thatch’.

In addition we aerate the lawn so that oxygen can get to the roots and give life back into the lawn. All this takes time, but we pride ourselves on doing a thorough job, and not just rushing over the lawn as quickly as we can. All the green waste created by these processes can be extensive. We take all this away at no additional charge

Dealing with Weeds

Lawn Weeds

Although the term ‘weed’ is subjective, it is usually applied to invasive plants that compete with the grass for space to grow – clover and dandelions, coarse-leaved grasses, daisies and buttercups as just some examples.

Early identification and prompt removal can alleviate large-scale problems. This can be as simple as following a yearly lawn maintenance plan. The season starts with spring and summer care but autumn care is particularly important.

Grass Maintenance

Lawn care

Cutting is an essential element for proper lawn maintenance. We offer a lawn cutting service to all our Lawn Care clients. We use the latest professional mowers which can leave a nice stripe in the lawn. We cut in accordance with a pre-arranged programme, which links in with the lawn treatments.

Some clients also ask if we can undertake a ‘garden tidy’ programme. This we can do and is a domestic extension of the work we commercially. A plan can be arranged for this service for lawn care clients.

For more information or advice please call 0845 604 1288.