Commercial Pest Control

Total Pest Containment for a Healthy Environment

Commercial Pest Control

Total Pest Containment for a Healthy Environment

About our commercial pest solutions

Pests are timid and generally nocturnal.  It can be some time before a company’s personnel become aware of an infestation – often when it is too late.  Effective pest control is vital.

Businesses choosing ProTech are assured of a professional, tailored service and are able to take advantage of the company’s site specific monitoring and rodent baiting systems.  These are in position around the clock, 365 days-a-year to ensure any pest infestation is rapidly detected and eradicated.

Effective pest control can prevent the following:

  • Prosecution under the Food Safety Act 1990, which carries a maximum fine of £20,000 for each offence.
  • Disease risks to staff, residents and customers.
  • Contamination of food and packaging materials.
  • Loss of reputation and goodwill through bad publicity.
  • Damage to buildings and contents – including computers and electrical wiring.

ProTech offers its clients various levels of Pro-active Pest Management. We pride ourselves on providing a range of services to suit all your requirements and offer a Standard Service, Premier Service & Bird Control Service.

Planned Pest Prevention


We recommend this service for small to medium sized commercial premises.

Your Standard Service Schedule includes:-

Brown Rat; Black Rat; House Mouse; Oriental Cockroach; German Cockroach; American Cockroach; Crickets; Larder Beetle; Silver Fish; and Firebrats. Additional pests may be included by agreement between the client and ProTech.

Control Service

  • Normally Eight detailed inspections (this can be increased to 12, 26 or a bespoke number specific to the needs of the site) and any treatments required from one of our qualified technicians per annum at regular intervals for the premises covered by the Service Schedule.
  • Precautionary baits will be maintained and changed regularly in areas of high risk.
  • Infestation by the scheduled pests will be treated as necessary.  A follow up service will be carried out to ensure the successful eradication of a rodent or specified insect infestation, normally within 14 days.  Any follow up treatments for the specified pests are free of charge.
  • Infestation by pests other than those listed above will be reported to the client together with recommendations for eradication. 

Report Service 

On every visit to the premises being serviced ProTech employees:

  • Report to the nominated pest control representative on arrival to discuss any reports of infestation.
  • Complete and provide you with a copy of the ProTech Pest Solutions Treatment/Inspection Report detailing any infestation found and any conditions which could adversely affect the control of pests on the premises at the end of each treatment.  This is now required under current legislation.
  • Discuss the findings with the nominated pest control representative.

All contracts are individually priced and are dependent on the premises – to arrange your free no obligation survey; please contact our experienced Service Control Team on 0845 604 1288.