Probate House Clearance Service

In times of bereavement leave the difficult task of a probate house clearance to us

Probate House Clearance Service

In times of bereavement leave the difficult task of a probate house clearance to us

Probate House Clearance Service

We are your local family run Probate House Clearance Service company here to help across London and the Home Counties.

Protech provide professional probate clearance and probate house clearance services to solicitors, executors, administrators, and private individuals dealing with a probate estate.

Our probate clearance and probate house clearance services are available across parts of London and the Home Counties. Our aim is to make everything as easy as possible especially during the difficult circumstances of a bereavement of a loved one, friend or family member. We can clear most contents/chattels within an estate. Protech can support you through this process by providing a full probate clearance and probate house clearance service.

Guide to Probate House Clearances

We have created a short guide to help you with your probate house clearance. Our probate clearance service can be added on to our probate valuation service.

  • Contact us by phone, email or using the online contact form
  • Talk to our probate team to discuss your requirements
  • If there are additional items that you would like to offset against the cost of the clearance please let that be known to our team during the initial quote
  • If you need a probate valuation our team can also provide this service
  • If you just need a probate clearance our team can schedule a time and date
  • During the probate clearance, our team will clear all items you request from the estate

You can also read our full Probate Clearance Guide which has an in depth look at what a Probate is and thorough walk through for those new to the process.

Probate House Clearance Service Explained

Probate house clearances are usually required by solicitors, administrators or executors dealing with an estate to remove contents from that estate. Probate clearances are the next step in the probate process after the passing of the probate valuation and probate valuation report to HMRC.

Our probate clearance service is identical to all our other clearance services with the option of Protech providing the initial probate valuation and probate valuation report for the estate.

Our probate valuation helps clients ascertain the estate’s value, enabling them to compare liabilities and determine the applicable inheritance tax. Once probate has been passed we can offer you our full probate house clearance service. Our aim is to make the whole process as professional and stress-free as possible.

Protech probate team constantly monitors the antiques and collectables market and are fully aware of aspects such as rarity, quality, distinguishable features and can recognise certain items that may not be apparent to the general public. We are happy to assist you whenever you wish to value antiques, jewellery, fine art or collectables. Whatever the reason, whether it’s simply out of curiosity or whether it’s to help you decide on how to divide property between beneficiaries, we will be delighted to offer advice and assistance.

Choosing the right clearance company during probate can save you time, money, and stress

Probate clearance is an important part of winding up a deceased estate. As a specialist clearance company we will visit the deceased`s property, itemise, value and sell or remove unwanted items. The property is then ready for the next stage of the probate process whether that is selling or retaining the property.

Contents Valuation for Probate

Companies that specialise in house clearance in the event of death will have experience in valuing chattels for probate processes. They`ll be able to provide you with a detailed valuation of furniture, electronics and white goods and other general household items. A reputable clearance company will also be able to professionally value expensive items such as jewellery, art and antiques.

This will be immensely beneficial to you during a probate application, allowing you to easily complete inheritance tax forms and include supporting documentation. You`ll be able to include an official valuation on letter-headed paper to avoid any queries from HMRC. This is a necessary requirement for all individual items that are quoted to be worth over £500.

Probate House Clearance

Executors and administrators tend to use probate clearance companies for convenience. Sometimes they simply don`t have the time to do it personally or they may live too far away. Other times, bereaved relatives simply find it too distressing.

A professional clearance firm can arrange for the sale, recycling, charity donation and disposal of all unwanted household items. They may purchase chattels from you directly or arrange for goods to be auctioned or sold. These monies can then be used to offset their fees. Items will be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way and many companies promise that at least two-thirds of items will be recycled or re-used. Transport can normally be arranged too for items that you wish to retain.


You may wish to consider additional services to make the property more appealing to perspective buyers or renters or ensure its security if it is likely to be empty for a long period of time.

You may want to consider extra security or fitting new locks now the property will be empty. To prevent burst pipes, you could consider draining the central heating and water tanks and checking over the electrics. You`ll find that a specialist probate clearance firm is likely to offer this too, along with many other services to ease your burden.

Tips for Choosing a House Clearance Company

If you`ve decided to use a team of professionals to handle the household goods and chattels choose a licenced waste carrier. This will help to ensure that goods are disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

It is better to use a company that specialise in probate. You`ll find they are more knowledgeable with regards to valuations, procedures and more sympathetic to your needs. Finally, use a firm that will quote a fixed fee so you know exactly how much it will cost. Some probate clearance companies charge by the hour and can add-on extras for transport and waste disposal etc.

So why not choose a specialist probate clearance company like Protech to tackle any clearance or valuation you may need, making a chore into a pleasurable experience.

Probate House Clearance Service

probate clearance service