Health and Safety

Residential Blocks – Who is responsible for Health & Safety

At Protech Property Solutions our people are the greatest asset we have and their well-being is of paramount importance.

Because of the nature of the services we offer, we operate in many challenging environments and hence our people are exposed to a wide variety of workplace hazards posing varying degrees of risk. Consequently, managing this risk via formal health and safety management systems is key to maintaining safe working environments for our people and continually improving our health and safety performance.

Our management system based approach provides a structured programme to identify hazards, assess risk and implement effective control measures to review performance and ensure that we are always improving.

We believe health and safety accountability and responsibility begins at the top of the organisation and visible top-down commitment is critical in ensuring our systems and standards for health and safety management are adhered to throughout Protech Property Solutions. For this reason we train all our employees to ensure that they have the required knowledge, competencies and skills to carry out their work in the right way.

This year we embarked on a new approach to health and safety leadership that will, we believe, further embed the leadership skills of our senior managers and strongly support the significant level of operational training that we undertake every year.

What is our objective?

To make sure the well-being of our people and by extension our clients, is safeguarded while at work so they can all go home safe at the end of the day.

How will we achieve this?

  • Introduce an improved incident root cause investigation methodology for all relevant incidents with a target of 100% during 2022.
  • Launch our health and safety risk management leadership programme to embed the correct leadership attributes within our management.
  • Make sure everyone involved in work related tasks, now and in the future, gets a copy of the RAMS document.
  • Ensure everybody involved with building maintenance works comply to CDM regulations for managing the health, safety and welfare of construction projects.
  • Launch our Work Safe! Campaign in 2022 to deliver improved employee engagement.