Investor in People

Investor in People

ProTech Property Solutions has been accredited with Investors in People since 2001.

Organisations which recognise the importance of their people can help them to develop their potential, improve their skills and gain greater job satisfaction.

Investors in People (IIP) is a national organisation which promotes excellence in employment with the overall goal of achieving better business. IIP sets very high standards and, when an organisation meets these criteria, it can apply for accreditation. IIP accreditation therefore indicates great care and attention in the way an organisation looks after its people, and a better working life.

ProTech Property Solutions was recognised as an Investor in People in 2001 and was last re-accredited in 2014. A recent comprehensive review by the independent IIP assessor confirmed that ProTech Property Solutions continues to meet the Investor in People Standard. Some of the assessor’s feedback includes the following statements

  • “Senior managers continue to be visible and relatively hands-on… committed to developing the business in a sustainable way…”
  • “We all know exactly what the business is trying to achieve and feel we are a part of it”
  • “Managers’ training and development is seen as a high priority…”
  • “Development of our teams is seen as key to the future of the company…”
  • “The company has very low staff turnover and it was clear… that this was attributable to how the company behaves and treats its employees, as well as the opportunities a growing company can offer”

What’s in it for our people?

Employees in IIP-accredited organisations may see benefits such as

  • A good working environment
  • Recognition and development
  • Pride in being part of a successful organisation
  • Good-quality training when required
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Better communications
  • Skill and career development opportunities
  • Increased responsibility and involvement
  • Health and safety benefits.