We are constantly striving for service innovation to improve our performances and communication to make life easier and stress free for our clients. When choosing to work with ProTech Property Solutions we can offer many options to ensure you result with the best benefits.

  • We offer three types of specification – value, comfort and finest – to suit your budget and requirements. You can switch between each of them at any time.
  •  We have a system to measure satisfaction with our service to ensure you have made the right decision.
  • Our team on site provide property managers with feedback and act as your “eyes and ears”.
  • Our Quality Inspectors carry out detailed site inspection reports which we are happy to share with clients.
  • We arrange different working hours to suit clients and cleaners. For example, daytime cleaning can achieve energy cost savings, improve cleaning quality and boost cleaner motivation.
  • We offer a dedicated contract transfer team to smooth the transfer process when you switch contractors.
  • We offer a unique on call service whereby you will always have the mobile phone number of one of our managers, should you need to flag up an issue in confidence or wish to discuss an opportunity.
  • We conduct quarterly contract review meetings with clients and staff to ensure everybody is happy.
  • We conduct annual efficiency reviews to help identify how changes to the operation could drive cost reductions and efficiencies.