Pest Control Services

Helping to keep your properties clear of all pest infestations no matter how big or small.

Pest Control Services

Helping to keep your properties clear of all pest infestations no matter how big or small.

Bird Dropping Cleaning and Removal

Bird Dropping Cleaning and Removal

Commercial Pest Control

Domestic Pest Control

Pest Library

Pest Proofing your Home or Business

About our pest solutions

ProTech Pest Solutions is a leading provider of pest control services, operating across residential, commercial, industrial, retail and public sectors. Dealing effectively with all non wood boring types of pest and bird problems as they occur, we develop innovative, environmentally sensitive solutions for the detection, prevention and elimination of troublesome pests.

ProTech is an established Pest Control Company, which has been operating since 1985.  All our Technicians undergo intensive training and sit the RSPH/BPCA (Level 2) Certificate in Pest Control and the British Pest Control Association Diploma, a recognised qualification for the industry, together with Food Hygiene Training.

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With over 30 years experience, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional customer experience. We are fully certificated & regulated and are confident that no other company can offer a higher level of service or discretion. In addition to our residential services, we also provide pest control solutions for offices, factories, schools, hospitals and councils. All staff have been DBS-CRB Checked.

The health and safety of your family or business is paramount, and pests pose a serious threat. Rats and mice spread diseases such as salmonella and Weil’s disease, transmit parasites such as ringworm, mites nematodes, tapeworms ticks and fleas. You are never that far from a rodent!

ProTech is one of the few pest control companies to have achieved Quality Assurance ISO 9001, Environmental Standard ISO14001, Health and Safety Standard ISO18001,  ‘Investors In People’ and also a National Training Award.

All our Technicians carry mobile telephones to facilitate a rapid response.

Why is Pest Control necessary?

Neglecting pest control can prove an expensive option; pests can cause:

  • Diseases that can affect your residents, staff and customers
  • Damage to buildings
  • Fear and offence
  • Damage to food and contamination by droppings and urine.
  • Loss of reputation and fines of up to £20,000 under the Food Safety Act, 1990

Unless pest control treatments are carried out on a regular basis, pest infestations can quickly develop and spread throughout the premises.  Having a documented pest control system in place is also a legal requirement under the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2005 and is an integral part of the Safer Food, Better Business initiative.

Our pest control services include:

pest - flyFlying insects

We can effectively treat problems with flying insects

Pest - Pigeon

Bird control

We can effectively treat problems with birds

Pest - Wasp

Wasp Nests

Removal of wasp nests and hornet nests

Pest - Rat


We can effectively treat problems with rodents

Five Good Reasons to Choose Protech:

  • All Work Guaranteed
  • We Are Fully Insured
  • Free, No Obligation Quotes
  • Discreet, Fast & Reliable
  • Established over 30 years

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