With the increasing pressure for organisations to balance financial targets with the improvement of facility and maintenance service performance, here at Protech Property Solutions we believe partnership is the best way to achieve this.

It is our belief that all successful partnerships are based on five guiding principles; commitment, trust, respect, fairness and understanding between two parties. All of which are core to the ProTech Property Solutions values. Building meaningful relationships that seem less like a supplier and more like a colleague, sharing the same objectives and values, enables ProTech to become an extension of the client’s team.

We start with no preconceived ideas, just a blank sheet of paper and time. Time to listen and question and understand a new client’s business. Only by having a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of a client’s needs can we begin to tailor our service to meet them.

By understanding a client’s business and markets and needs, we become an indispensable part of the team. They rely on us. We rely on them. And everyone benefits.

And because of our understanding of our partners’ business and their markets, we’re able to offer a much more flexible, creative approach. Working in this way allows us to come up with solutions to problems that traditional client/supplier relationships would never be able to overcome.

ProTech Property Solutions has been practicing and developing the principles of relationship contracting for over two decades and can demonstrate where our methods of working have delivered the benefits of lean thinking, best value and improved efficiencies.

Below are some of the things ProTech Property Solutions can help with during our partnership:

We work closely with you to identify and agree mutual objectives & targets.
We guide you through the right specification to suit you.
We explain issues such as TUPE Legislation and Health & Safety standards.
We work with you to implement recycling and other environment schemes.
We measure progress through our KPIs to ensure value for money.
We conduct annual Efficiency Reviews to drive costs down.
We provide open channels of communication at all levels.
We make sure our managers are easily contactable.