Corporate Responsibility

Social responsibility and sustainability are an important part of our daily business practice. As a result we have become a preferred place to work, a desirable business partner and a respected member of the community.

We value being part of the community and all our locations contribute positively through three main activities:

  • Promotion of London Living Wage
  • Supporting our own and client chosen charities
  • Providing employment opportunities for local people


The use of chemicals and machinery, in line with our ISO14001 Environmental Management System, delivers an effective solution for our operations and the integration with our client’s system where possible. For actual service delivery, it focuses on two important factors –

Chemical Use

We have introduce a range of cleaning products that are both effective and environmentally acceptable against the most stringent criteria. These cleaning products are 100% bio-degradable. However, being environmentally friendly doesn’t just mean using chemicals that are safe for the environment. It also means minimising their use, which is why we utilise a concentrated dosing system.

Machinery and Energy Use

Our dual objectives in this area are to reduce our electricity consumption and to source/purchase more energy-efficient equipment.
This means; Switching off lights and computer equipment, Considering water saving devices, Using dual battery powered equipment, Restricting dust pollution by utilising HEPA triple filter vacuum cleaners, Making sure we select the right machine for the job & Training staff to use machinery efficiently.