Tree Surgeon & Services

Enhance appearance, maintain value, improve natural light

Tree Surgeon & Services

Enhance appearance, maintain value, improve natural light

About our Tree Surgeon Services

At Protech Garden Solutions we believe in doing things the right way, our tree surgeon services aim to be at the cutting edge of everything that matters to you, service, reliability, training and of course, equipment.

Our teams are not only trained to the highest standards, but they have the commitment and enthusiasm necessary to provide a service that’s second to none. We understand that your grounds and their appearance are key to the standing of your company and we do everything in our power to ensure that your grounds will always look their best.

Tree surgeon

What is tree surgery?

Simply put, tree surgery is the practice of managing trees, shrubs and hedges. This is essential to ensure that they are kept in an orderly, safe and healthy condition. If they are not properly cared for or if the nature is left to own devices, trees and shrubs can get out of control and have the potential to become unhealthy or hazardous to their environment.

As experienced, professional and leading tree surgeons, we will to come and assess your situation before deciding on the course of action most suited for your tree. In many cases, a simple solution is that the tree requires pruning to make it safer to be around, but unfortunately in some cases, the tree will need to be felled.

Our experienced, qualified tree works team delivers a range of arboricultural services:

  • Crown thinning – smaller branches are removed to thin the crown, reduce the weight and wind resistance of the tree and allowing extra light to pass through it.
  • Crown lifting – lower branches are carefully removed to increase the amount of light passing through the tree.
  • Crown deadwooding – branches naturally die off for many reasons, but take a while to decay, so removing the branches early keeps the tree safe.
  • Crown reductions – the height of the tree is reduced to decrease shading and loss of light, making the tree more suited to its immediate environment.
  • Directional felling – a wedge is removed from the bottom of the tree, bringing it down safely in one piece
    Sectional dismantling – where space is restricted, the tree is carefully dismantled and brought down piece by piece.
  • Public highways, amenity spaces, woodlands, public and private estates
  • All aspects of tree care, from TPO management to a rapid response services for emergency works, day and night.
  • Estate management
  • Tree moving and planting
  • Tree surveys: data capture and reporting
  • 24-hour cover, 365 days a year

New European legislation dictates that development work must not damage habitats of protected species. Trees and woodland need to be managed to protect these habitats.

Larger or Planned Work – Free Estimates

Please call us for a free estimate if you have any larger or planned jobs requiring our expert tree surgeons.