Property Clearance Service

Friendly affordable house clearance and junk removal services

Property Clearance Service

Friendly affordable house clearance and junk removal services

Reclaim your Space

Protech are able to provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly property clearance service to all our customers, that focuses on recycling as many items as possible.

We are able to clear Houses, Lofts, Garages, Offices, Sheds, Gardens etc. Throughout London and the Home Counties.

With our recycling service, we can even donate specific items for you to a charity of your choice, ensuring the organisations you care about benefit most.

There is no clearance job too big or too small for us. So whether you want to clear out your garage or garden shed, clear your loft or cellar, vacate an office, empty a flat or need a full house clearance service, we’re here to help you.

House Clearance

House Clearance

House Clearances are often required at some of the most delicate and stressful times of our lives, so you want to make sure you’re in the hands of professionals that care.

At Protech, we are very experienced at clearing properties of all kinds in a neat, timely and when necessary sensitive one to one manner. Once you have made your decision to use our services, you can leave everything us.

We will remove and clear all items in the house or any type of property / building as requested. This includes Furniture, White Goods, Bric-a-Brac, Linen, Clothes and Paperwork etc…

We will take down curtains and even take up and dispose of carpets if requested to do so. At the end of a house clearance, the property will be swept, cleaned and hoovered.

Loft Clearance

house clearance

With our Loft Clearance service, we will carefully remove all items as requested from your loft space.

We often find that people have become unable to get into their lofts and tidy or clear things they no longer want.

If you are unable to access you loft, we will happily bring down all items, which may include loft storage boxes, pieces of furniture and miscellaneous items that you have accrued over the years. You can then sort through them all and check to see what’s there before they leave your property.

Garage Clearance

Garage Clearance V2

Garages often fill up with stuff that ‘might come in handy one day’ and certainly leaves no room for a car, motorcycle or push bikes.

We regularly clear garages and discover ancient tins of paint, furniture that has seen better days and more cobwebs than we care to think about.

Whether you need to clear a garage to make better use of the space or as part of a general property clearance, we’re here to help.

All Garage contents will be removed along with any Paint Tins, Pesticides etc… Once the garage has been emptied, we will sweep it thoroughly leaving it free of leaves and cobwebs.

Office Clearance

Office Clearance

Whether you need a full office clearance or the removal of a few items, we can help.

We save you time and money whilst providing you with a fully documented green and sustainable service.

We will remove, recycle and re-use all furniture, IT and other unwanted items from your office leaving it clear and tidy.

Shed Clearance

Shed Clearance

We offer a Garden Shed Clearance service along with the clearing of other garden buildings like Log Cabins and Greenhouses.

These types of garden buildings can all make for a convenient place to store bits and bobs that gradually build up and before we know it, they’re full.

During a Shed clearance, it’s emptied and all items we take out are sorted. This way we can recycle where appropriate, re-home unwanted items and responsibly dispose of chemicals and pesticides in the correct manner.

Carpet & Curtain Removal

Carpet removal

We are often asked to remove carpets during a property clearance or as a job on its own.

Tired carpets can absorb odours and make a property feel unwelcoming and so we are often tasked with removing them. We are happy to take up any unwanted carpets and the underlay below.

All carpets and underlay will be removed and the floor areas will be swept and hoovered afterwards.

Clearance Cleaning

property clearance

At the end of every property clearance, we make sure we leave a property as clean as we possibly can.

Floors and window sills are vacuumed. Even walls and ceilings are hoovered where necessary, to get rid of dust and cobwebs.

We can also provide a deeper cleaning service if you require. Cleaning options can be discussed and quoted for separately.

For more information on any of our clearance services please Call 0845 604 1288.