Changing Times for The GOL Group

Posted on May 16, 2013 in General Info

It’s never easy.

Just when you think you had a stable foundation for your company’s continued growth, something unexpected happens.

For us at The GOL Group, that unexpected thing wasn’t the recession. It wasn’t a major management change, or something to do with this crazy weather we’re experiencing.
It was our sister company, ProTech.


Why Did We Start ProTech?

ProTech Property Solutions was formed to work along side The GOL Group. It was meant to address a need among our valued long-term clients for a trustworthy, caring company to manage their maintenance concerns.

Things went well for ProTech, until they reached the point earlier this year where they showed us their true potential. They weren’t just working for our clients any more.

Our operatives and office staff had done a sterling job to get the ProTech brand off the ground and opened it into new markets in the property maintenance sector.

We were very pleased to hear that ProTech had begun to win major contracts throughout London and the Home Counties, gaining a great reputation for providing a professional service among many property owners and managers.

Things seemed to be going great for both ProTech and The GOL Group respectively.


Identity Crisis

We didn’t imagine that there could ever be an identity crisis: we were who we always had been, ProTech was ProTech, and we intend to stay that way.

But then, surprisingly, we noticed there was a blurred line: where did The GOL Group end, and ProTech begin? We hadn’t formed a separate company, with a separate office and call centre staff. We had simply maintained the respective brands, and that had worked quite well for us up till now.

But there was a problem looming: was ProTech part of the The GOL Group? Or a separate company all together? Did the brand have separate values to us? How did our clients view our respective brands? What about our staff?

It was only when ProTech had reached a certain size that we realised we needed to either make a clear demarcation, or manage the brands in an entirely different way.


A New Hope

To avoid continued fragmentation and the potential confusion that could cause, we have made a major decision that affects all our services. We have decided to take the proactive step of rebranding our services under one umbrella name. This means eventually there will no longer be The GOL Group for cleaning services, and ProTech for property maintenance.
Instead, our customers will deal with one distinct company.

We sincerely hope this will mean our clients will see us for what we truly always were: a professional, competent firm who are determined to provide the finest property care, maintenance and environmental services that can be offered in London and the Home Counties.

We hope it’ll make our staff feel proud to be part of a professional, forward-thinking organisation that innovates to stay relevant to its customers and true to its principles.
And we hope that our audience will see that we value them, that we are ideally placed to help care for all of their property needs, that they can truly trust us.

What are we going to be called? Ah, that’s still a secret. You’ll just have to wait a little bit longer to see what we’re planning to do.


What Do You Think?

Do you have something to say about the future of The GOL Group and ProTech Property Solutions? We’d be glad of your feedback and will take it into consideration.

In fact, we started an opinion poll over on our Facebook page. Please like our page, and complete the opinion poll, we’re always happy to hear from staff, customers and our audience.

We look forward to hearing from you.
– Peter, Rikki and the team.