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Getting your garden ready for Spring

Posted on April 3, 2020

As important as the right plants are, they can’t do all the work for you. if you want a great garden this summer it’s vital to start getting your garden ready for spring now. Before you begin planting in the spring, here are a few steps you should take to prepare your garden for a […]

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Our Advice to deal with a property flooding

Posted on December 12, 2019

You may, at some time, encounter a dangerous situation in your home or place of work that you are unable to deal with a property flooding yourself. Emergency situations can develop from many causes including adverse weather conditions causing property flooding, burst or freezing pipes etc. These events have the potential to damage your property […]

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Winter Gritting Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on November 28, 2017

Protech Property Solutions use rock salt (grit) to treat access roads, car parks, pedestrian areas and private residential areas. We’ve put some frequently asked questions together that may be of interest to you. Why do we use salt to treat hard standings? Treatment of hard standing areas with salt is carried out to prevent frost […]

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Hiring a communal cleaning contractor

Posted on May 8, 2017

Finding the right individual or cleaning contractor to look after the common parts to your block of apartments can be a daunting task for many people, and many people don’t know where to begin. One of the best ways to hire a communal cleaning contractor is through the referrals of colleagues, friends, family or by […]

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Happy Friday….Wishing you all a lovely weekend !!

Posted on March 11, 2016

Protech Wish Everybody a Happy Friday and Lovely Weekend

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Top 5-Fire Safety Tips For Property Management Companies

Posted on February 12, 2016

    Fire evacuation procedures –It is so important to ensure all users of your building know what the fire procedure is and are made aware of the fire exit routes and where to assemble (where necessary). Fire evacuation drills –The evacuation should be timed from the first actuation of the signal to evacuate to […]

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Why do you need to know what products are being used on your Hard Floors?

Posted on January 22, 2016

If the correct products are not used on your floors it could result in wearing of the floor surfaces & creating poor slip resistance which could be a danger to yourself & the public. You can depend on us to keep your hard-surface floors looking their best & enhancing slip resistance! We have over 25 […]

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Needle & Sharps Disposal Service !

Posted on December 21, 2015

Protech Property Solutions provides a needle sweep / sharps collection service. Normally these are intravenous needles, but they can be glass or anything that could cause injury through cutting / piercing skin. We tend to find that many of our clients who manage multiple properties have occasional problems with needles being discarded both in empty […]

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What Are Your Plans For The Weekend?

Posted on July 31, 2015

Whatever they are Protech can help ensure your fully prepared. Whether its a BBQ, garden party or just a DIY weekend we can help assist. With multiple multi skilled carpenters, professional gardeners & handymen on board we are able to offer a wide variety of services no matter how big or small. Why not make […]

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ProTech’s many benefits:-

Posted on July 27, 2015

– NICEIC accredited Electricians – GAS Safe Heating Engineers – Accredited to Investors in People… – Quality Accredited ISO 9001 – Environmental Accredited ISO 14001 – Health & Safety compliant – Quality Audit – Excellent customer care – Industry knowledge and Experience – Strong geographical coverage – Direct Management structure allowing time to provide site support […]

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