Winter Gritting Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on November 28, 2017 in Gardening,Uncategorized

Winter Gritting

Protech Property Solutions use rock salt (grit) to treat access roads, car parks, pedestrian areas and private residential areas. We’ve put some frequently asked questions together that may be of interest to you.

Why do we use salt to treat hard standings?

Treatment of hard standing areas with salt is carried out to prevent frost and ice forming and reduce the build-up of snow to help provide safe access & usage. Our clients have a legal obligation to control slips, trips and falls, which is why Protech developed our leading Winter Gritting Services.

How does salt prevent frost and ice forming?

Frost and ice form when water freezes. Salt spread on hard standing areas mixes with any moisture and creates a saline solution. Saline solutions freeze at a lower temperature than water, so frost and ice doesn’t form on the surface, even though the temperature is below freezing for water.

Winter Gritting

Will salt melt snow?

No. Salt doesn’t directly melt snow as it firstly has to mix with the snow to form a saline solution and lower the melting point. If snow is predicted, we will spread in advance so when the first snow falls it can start to mix with salt to create a saline solution which can reduce the build-up (accumulation) of snow and prevent the formation of ice.

However in prolonged periods of snowfall the snow can fall at a rate faster than the salt can mix with the snow which means the snow may accumulate. Accumulated snow will have to be ploughed away from the roads or cleared in the pedestrian areas, but this is made much easier by salt spread in advance of the snowfall as the salt already applied reduces the likelihood of the snow freezing on the surface.

When is the best time to spread salt?

Protech Property Solutions provide winter maintenance service such as gritting when required. However the best time to grit is early in the morning or late afternoon. Gritting at this time ensures the best performance of the grit.

Spreading salt at these times also means the roads are treated in advance of workforce arrival. In most cases we will need to visit your premises prior to a volume of cars & people being on site, so that we can get the best possible application down.

We supply gritting salt for preventing and melting ice and snow on paths, roads, car parks and driveways.

Grit Salt is available in both brown rock salt form and the cleaner white de-icing salt form. We supply both forms in 25kg bags, bulk bags.

For more information please call 0845 604 1288 or click Winter Gritting Services.