Communal Cleaning Contractor vs. Employing In-House Cleaners

Posted on May 18, 2017 in Cleaning

communal cleaning

If you are a landlord, property manager or self-manage a block of flats, then you are responsible for the maintenance and communal cleaning of the common parts you know how much of a headache this can be.

There are many factors to consider when you are going to employ an In-house team such as equipment, security, insurance, PAYE, training, management, and costs.

In this post, we will go over the four main options that property professional have when deciding how to clean their block of flats, which are: Clean The Space Yourself, Employ In-House Cleaners, Hire An Independent Cleaner, or Outsource Office Cleaning Services to a Professional Cleaning Company.

1. Clean the Space Yourself

Who Cleans?
The tenants strap on a pair of gloves, picks up a rag and spray bottle, and cleans the building himself.

Size of Communal Space
Small space less than 500 square feet


  1. Don’t have to pay a contractor
  2. Don’t have to hire, train, and manage cleaning staff
  3. Choose your own cleaning equipment
  4. Reduce your expenses and bottom line


  1. Lots of manual labour and energy required
  2. Public liability insurance cover
  3. Your time can be better spent working on other activities
  4. Lack of professional equipment or techniques
  5. Expense of keeping compliant in Health & Safety etc

2. Employ In-House Cleaners

Who Cleans?
Employees of your own Managing Agent, that you interview, hire, train and manage, and are legally considered employees of your company.

Size of Communal Space
Large spaces that are combined with concierge facilities.


  1. Can be financially cheaper than hiring a cleaning contractor
  2. Supervision and control over cleaning staff, equipment and methods


  1. Higher insurance costs comprising general liability and employee insurance
  2. Pay for your own equipment and materials
  3. High employment taxes from the Inland Revenue
  4. Large time commitment dedicated to hiring, training and managing employees
  5. Expense of keeping compliant in Health & Safety etc.

3. Hire an Independent Cleaner

Who Cleans?
An individual or small team, that is generally paid under the table, not insured, and provides their own equipment

Size of Communal Space
500 square feet – 10,000 square feet


  1. Less expensive than outsourcing an cleaning service or employing in-house cleaners


  1. No insurance, so if the cleaner breaks something on the job, you are left with the bill.
  2. No liability insurance, so if the cleaner is injured on the job, you could be liable to a potential lawsuit.
  3. Lack of professional image
  4. Lack of professional equipment

4. Outsource Communal Cleaning Services

Who Cleans?
Professional employees of the cleaning service company that are trained, insured, and uniformed by the cleaning service company

Size of Communal Space
Any office space from 500 square feet to over 100,000 square feet.


  1. Professional services
  2. Employees are trained, uniformed, insured by company
  3. Knowledgeable and experienced in cleaning tasks
  4. Account manager support
  5. Cleaning company can provide appropriate cleaning equipment and chemicals for your building
  6. Outsourcing can free up time, resources and management for more important tasks


  1. Most financially expensive option for cleaning services
  2. Can be locked into an annual contract
  3. Little control over cleaning techniques and methods

The majority of property professionals elect to outsource the communal cleaning to a reputable cleaning service contractor.

The communal cleaning contractor will take care of insurance, equipment, training and managing, and can customise a cleaning program to fit the buildings particular needs and specific tasks.

Some communal cleaning companies require long term contracts up to two or five years, while others offer short term contracts of three to six months to give the client flexibility and peace of mind.

Financially, a cleaning service contractor costs more than employing your own cleaners, but when you factor in hiring, training, and management, most landlords, property managers and self-managed blocks will gladly outsource their cleaning needs to a professional cleaning service company.

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