Decorate Design Tips

Posted on May 27, 2016 in Building Maintenance

Decorate Design Tips

There are loads of reasons why you might need to quickly spruce up your property. Perhaps you’ve just moved in and haven’t had time to put your own stamp on the place before your family come round for a nosey. Maybe you’re renting and the décor isn’t to your taste, but you want it to feel homely without the worry of forking out for redecorating charges at the end of your tenancy. Or, on the other side of the coin, you’re a landlord that wants to make your rental stand out to potential tenants.

Whatever your reason, these fail-safe and easy ways to decorate your property that let you quickly personalise a space without financing a complete interior redesign.

Nails are so passé

Decorate Design Tips

Hanging pictures to create your own at home gallery is a great way to personalise it. But putting holes in your walls by using nails and hooks can be quite a commitment. The thought of having to fill numerous holes, or repair paint pulled off by tape, is a tedious notion should you decide you want to move it, or if you’re moving out of the property completely. Instead, try self-adhesive hooks and hangings that pull away from the wall without leaving damaging marks. They can be easily ordered online and cost as little as £3.

Washi tape to decorate

Decorate Design Tips

Strips of colourful or textured washi tape can be applied to furniture that’s seen better days, or even light switches to brighten them up. It’s easily removed without leaving marks behind.

Add plants

Decorate Design Tips

Well-placed greenery can really bring a room to life. There are plenty of low maintenance indoor plants, such as Peace Lilies or Spider Plants. Not only that, planters and pots can be matched to any colour scheme you desire

Throw down rugs

Decorate Design Tips

Again, there are rugs to suit every mood or style. It’s a quick way to brighten up (as well as protect) neutral-coloured carpets.

Light up a room

Decorate Design Tips

Light shades can be highly stylised and beautiful, so much so they can become focal point within a room. Taking down and switching lamp shades is easy, but tenants and landlords should agree whether or not the originals will need to be kept and replaced at the end of the tenancy.

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