Fence Blown Down?

Posted on November 13, 2015 in Building Maintenance,Cleaning,General Info,Our Service

Fence blown

Has your fencing or fence panels blown down in strong winds?

Fencing is usually affected by wind damage if it’s old and rotten or if low specification products have previously been installed. If the fence has blown over then it’s usually down to the posts rotting at ground level.

Before replacing your fence it may be worth thinking about the future and a fence that’s manufactured to a high quality and guaranteed against rot for 25 years.

If the fence is installed in a location which is prone to strong winds, then heavy duty slotted fence posts that can be dug deeper into the ground are necessary.

Fence blown down? We offer 24/7 quick responses that will clear away your problem, so that no disruptions occur to your residents and staff on property grounds.

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