What To Do if Your Heating Stops Working

Posted on May 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Firstly, don’t panic! There are ways to solve the problem. Loss of heating can happen at the worst times possible. What can you do to get your heating to work without spending a ton of money? As you read this article, you can use the tips below to troubleshoot the problem. Some of the problems are common issues. There are times when you may need the help of a ProTech Gas Safe boiler technician. They will come out, troubleshoot the problem, and fix the issue.

Here are some areas that you can check in case of no heating:

Some areas include checking are the thermostat, electrical, ignition and other. The heating problem could relate to more than one area. You can check each of these areas without the aid of a professional.

If there is a problem that you cannot fix, you will need a boiler technician to come out. The technician can make a recommendation and provide a detailed quote on fixing the components to get you back up and running.


Thermostat Problems

When you can the thermostat, make sure the switch is in the heat position. The temperature should be set three degrees above the current temperature of the room. How is your thermostat powered? Does it require batteries or is it electronic? For forced air boilers, some thermostats has a switch to control a boiler fan. It should be on. The switch may be located at the bottom of the thermostat, with auto and on positions.


Emergency Shut Off

Check to see if your heating system is equipped with an emergency shut off switch. If the switch is on, it may look like a regular light switch and the location could be near the side or close to the boiler. Other heating systems may have an emergency cut out switch that rare activated when a door or panel is removed. Misaligned panels will cause the cut off to stay engaged. Now it is tip to check the main breaker, if it is tripped. You should reset the breaker and the heating may come back on.


If You Decide to Call a Technician

The boiler technician will inspect the boiler and controls for safe operation. They will inspect the boiler for leaks, corrosion and other issues. They will inspect the functionality of the main components, often with a pressure check. They may clean the boiler parts and offer advice on repairs on the components. They will seal the casing properly.

You may want to call a technician as a last resort to save money. But be careful! Gas is a dangerous substance, and you must ensure that your life or the lives of those around you is not in danger first. That must be a priority over any potential financial losses.


ProTech Property Solutions provide qualified, trained and Gas Safe registered technicians throughout North London and Hertfordshire. If you’d like us to take a look at your problem, please give us a call on 0845 064 7078.