Keeping Communal Bin Stores Clean

Posted on December 5, 2017 in Cleaning

Keeping your Bins Areas clean and hygienic helps stop unpleasant odours and pests

Communal bin store management is an aspect of block management and vital to good property hygiene and the prevention of unwanted pests such as rats or ants. Unfortunately people have different expectations of what dumped-rubbish is acceptable, and how it should be removed.

What can start off being a small issue can soon escalate within days or even hours into a real problem with additional rubbish being fly-tipped, causing foul smells and attracting unwanted pests.

In today’s society waste has become big business, with everyone generating so much more personal rubbish due to our consumer society.

We have come up with some simple bin store management rules to consider, which if followed by all residents should reduce the chances of minor waste issues turning into major a waste disaster.

Although they are straight forward, they can be easily misunderstood or forgotten, and will need to be communicated on a regular basis by the landlord or property manager:

1. Set up and use separate recycling arrangements. This may be automatic through the council, or you may need to arrange separate bins and arrangements which often actually end up being cheaper than just general collections.

The bins are often different colours and sizes to easily identify them, however without good communication some people will not put the recycling waste in the correct area or bin and it will not be collected.

We would recommend clear bin signage and emailing all residents explaining the bin area management process, from what goes in the recycling areas and what special recycling rubbish bags they may need to instructions of collection days etc.

2. General waste bins should be used properly otherwise they will not be emptied by the waste collection service. With the correct recycling facilities in place there should not be too much general waste, and it should be as straight forward as placing your general household waste in the correct bin. However please note general waste bins should not be used for large bulky items which can be collect separately by the council or your landlord or property manager can make arranges for the items to be collected by a private waste contractor such as Protech Waste Solutions.

3. We would also advise that clear arrangements for the clearance of waste which does not fit either general household rubbish or recycling waste should be made clear to all residents.

Letting people know where and what can be removed by the council or cleared by the property managers contractors should help reduce the chance of fly-tipping. As people moving into or out of apartments blocks can generate a large amount of waste which is either dumped in the refuse areas or around the grounds, blocking pathways, car-parking areas and generally being unsightly and acting as a magnet to additional fly-tipping.

4. Non-conforming residents should be made aware of the consequences of not using the refuse areas correctly or fly-tipping waste around the property.

If there are additional charges to clear fly-tipped waste due to anti-social behaviour they should be made aware that they could have the clearance costs added to their service charge.

Keeping Communal Bin Stores Clean

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