What NOT to do with your Rubbish

Posted on June 21, 2017 in Waste Solutions

NOT to do with your Rubbish

When you’ve cleared your home, office, garage or garden you’ll have a mound of rubbish and only a few options to get rid of it. You can take the rubbish to your local council tip yourself or you can pay for a professional, ethical rubbish removal service. Sometimes those options aren’t convenient but here are somethings NOT to do with your Rubbish.


What NOT to do with your Rubbish rule number one: Dumping waste in an open space, alley way or anywhere inappropriate is awful and it’s also illegal. From a single bin bag to piles of rubbish, if you’re caught you will face penalties and possibly be taken to Court.

Placing it on the street

Putting your unwanted sofa or fridge on the street with a sign that says ‘free’. You shouldn’t do this and even if the item is ‘on offer’ this could be defined as fly-tipping.

If the unwanted sofa or white goods are in working condition and you’ve simply upgraded, there are recycling services or charities where you can donate the items to.

Burning rubbish

Sure the bon-fire nights around November are always a huge draw. However when it comes to your rubbish please don’t burn it, not even in your own back garden. Burning domestic rubbish can cause pollution, a nuisance to your neighbours and bellowing smoke is a danger to traffic on nearby roads.

Some councils provide a limited home collection service for garden waste. Find out about such services before resorting to burning your rubbish.

Burying rubbish

Even if it is on your own land, burying rubbish can be harmful to the environment and there are regulations around this.

Rubbish Removal

As far as throwing rubbish ‘away’ goes, we are becoming more conscious that there is no ‘away’. We are recycling more and sorting rubbish so that it can be recycled, reused and processed in some way. Make sure that you are disposing of rubbish appropriately, if you hire a ‘man in a van’ for your rubbish removal then it’s vital to ensure that they are a licensed waste carrier.

It is your responsibility to check that your rubbish doesn’t end up being fly-tipped and disposed of illegally when it is removed.

Protech offer rubbish removal services, whether it’s an old sofa, garden waste or whatever, if you need it gone we can clear it away to be disposed of ethically.

Where ever the rubbish is on your property our two-man teams will do the heavy lifting for you.

For further advice or assistance on what NOT to do with your Rubbish call one of our friendly team on 0845 604 1288 or for information on our junk removal services please visit: Waste Removal Solutions.