Prepare your garden for frost

Posted on September 16, 2019 in Gardening

Prepare your garden for frost

As the days start to get shorter and the temperature drops, it’s important to prepare your garden for frost and all that the winter season has to throw at it. 

Plan ahead so you are ready to protect your garden if a sharp frost suddenly occurs after a long, warm autumn.

Here are some of our gardeners’ top tips to prepare your garden for frost:

  • Rake up fallen leaves to prevent slippery paths
  • Look after your lawns – do not cut lawns during frost periods
  • Do not feed plants with high-nitrogen fertiliser during autumn, as this encourages soft growth vulnerable to injury.
  • Mulch plants of borderline hardiness with straw, leaves or crumpled newspapers held in place with wire netting.
  • Shield young and tender shrubs with windbreaks of plastic mesh or sacking.
  • Do not tidy perennials too thoroughly, because dead growth will insulate roots and trap a covering of fallen leaves.
  • Keep a supply of newspapers, old curtains, blankets or fleece to cover cold frames, cloches and vulnerable plants outdoors.
  • Protect outside taps from frosty weather

FROST TIP: Check plants after a hard frost, especially those recently planted, and firm them in if they have been forced out of the soil.

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