Quick Graffiti Removal is Important

Posted on November 19, 2015 in Cleaning,General Info,Our Service

Graffiti is classified as writings or drawings that have been painted illegally on an open surface, usually located in a public area. They usually consist of letters or words also known as “tags.” Tagging is usually used by gangs and groups to show dominance over a certain area or neighbourhood.

When first spotting graffiti on your property, it is important to report it and remove it within 24 hours. Quick removal of graffiti shows the vandalizers that you do not condone their behaviour.

Methods of Removal

Painting over it: The easiest way to get rid of the graffiti is to paint over it. There a special kinds of paints made specifically to cover graffiti with one coat. However in many cases, when painting in lighter colours such as white, it may take multiple coats to ensure to graffiti is visible. While this may be the quickest do it yourself method, it can cause paint build up on your property, leading to damage in the future. Continuous painting over of graffiti will trap dirt and moisture within the layers therefore hurting the foundation of your building in the long run.

Jet power washing: Another fast method of graffiti removal is to power wash it off of the surface. Jet washing uses high pressure water to blast away the graffiti paint without damaging the surface underneath. It works best with unpainted surfaces like brick or concrete.

Chemical removal: The use of chemical removal helps decay the graffiti paint from the surface so that you are able to easily rub away the paint after apply the chemicals. This method is best for steel surfaces and not surfaces that have been painted or treated.

Methods of Prevention

Special paint: Applying a special paint coat to your all of your surfaces can be a great benefit to your property. This final coat allows the easy removal of graffiti from your surface by allowing you to simply white graffiti off with a cloth, soap, and water. With easy removal comes quick removal, therefore discouraging the trespassers to keep returning to your property.

Installing CCTV: If graffiti is a constant problem for you, we recommend the installation of CCTV cameras allowing you to have a constant watch of your property. Cameras will intimidate unwanted intruders from coming onto your property.

Placement of items: To block off open surfaces, you can put in place some shrubs and trees. With these in place it will leave less room for people to operate in the area, giving them a harder to reach surface.