Fire Door Maintenance

Fire doors save lives and property.

Fire Door Maintenance

Fire doors save lives and property.

Fire Door Repair and Replacement

Fire Doors are one of the most important elements of any commercial or residential building in ensuring the safety of the occupants. Making sure these are in their best condition, carrying out assessments on them and ensuring repairs are carried out as soon as issues are identified, is the only way to reduce the risks associated with fire that can be prevented by the use of fire doors.

Protech Property Solutions Ltd carry’s out fire door maintenance including; repairs, replacements and upgrading to non-compliant fire doors and final fire exit doors using fully certified material from approved manufacturers.

Fire Door Maintenance: repairs and upgrading can include the following:

  • Adjust or resize the door to ensure frame to door gaps are consistently 3mm – 4mm.
  • Fit new BS EN1935 fire rated hinges to replace non-fire rated or worn hinges.
  • Fit new Part M compliant overhead door closers fully certified to EN1154, EN1634 and Certifire approved CF388.
  • Fit electro magnetic hold open overhead door closers fully fire tested to BS EN163.
  • Fit fire rated glazing to FRG 30/60 standard.
  • Replace damaged intumescent door strip, or router out and install intumescent door strip with combined smoke seal or separate Certifire approved cold smoke seal.
  • Fit alarm activated door hold-open devices.
  • Fit lever handles tested to EN1906.
  • Fit locks and latches designed to meet the requirements of BS EN12209.
  • Fit final exit panic hardware conforming to EN1125 for panic exit applications and EN179 for emergency exit applications.
  • Fit FD30 of FD60 fire doors in either paint grade or veneered finishes complete with all relevant hardware. Doors can be fitted individually or as a door set, which includes the frame.

Experts in fire doors

Protech Property Solutions Ltd have extensive fire door experience. We can also carry out a fully comprehensive inspection of all your fire doors. Upon completion of fire door and final fire exit door inspections, a report is produced detailing the condition of each door and listing the areas of non-compliance, which creates a database and asset register for future on-going inspections.

The Right Solution

Protech Property Solutions work with leading fire doors manufacturers which means we can offer you the most appropriate, cost-effective solution to meet a range of requirements in terms of usage and fire rating. Whether your need is for a full replacement, replacement door leaf’s only or upgrade of existing door sets we have the expertise and experience to carry out the services you need.

We offer a consultative approach to ensure clients receive the best possible solutions to maximise cost effectiveness and reduce potential long-term maintenance costs.

All of our fire door works are certified through third party accreditation under the BRE/LPCB scheme LPS 1271 and LPS1197. Clients can be assured that all fire doors are installed in accordance with the fire door manufacturer’s fixing instructions and test reports to ensure that they will perform as required and intended in a fire situation.

Fire door repairs

Protech repair and upgrade existing fire doors, saving our clients the expense of renewal and ensuring they meet their corporate and social responsibilities by reusing doors (subject to survey).

Internal & external fire door repairs

Our scope of work can involve replacing frames and doors as well as a number of small and larger repairs including:

  • Replacing damaged glazing
  • Replacing damaged and failed perimeter seals
  • Rehanging doors on new replacement hinges
  • Re-fixing loose hinges
  • Replacing door self-closers
  • Replacing lock sets
  • Realigning doors
  • Replacing damaged frames and door leafs

We also provide fire door inspections and reports. For more information on this service please visit Fire Door Inspection and Report or call 0845 604 1288.

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