Spring 2013 Customer Survey Results

Posted on May 30, 2013 in Our Service

We are very conscious of the level of service we’re providing to our customers, and are always trying to find new ways to improve. As every good company should do, we find out more about how our customers perceive us by carrying out satisfaction surveys regularly.

The results we got in from this spring’s satisfaction survey were very positive indeed, and show that we are achieving our objective as the provider of the finest property care, maintenance and environmental services in London and the Home Counties.


‘Very Satisfied’

We’ve made some significant changes to the way we do business in the past year. We took on David Cramer, who has plenty of industry insight and local knowledge, to manage ProTech’s day-to-day operations.

We’ve also refitted many of our fleet vehicles to ensure all operatives have what they need to carry out their work.

We hope that it is these changes that have prompted about a third of customers to say that they are ‘very satisfied’ with our service and that overall, respondents say that our service is ‘improving’.


Customer Services

Of course, having a reliable first point of contact can have a major reflection on the service a person receives. We also spend time training our staff in customer services to ensure they are aware of our reputation and understand that we want customer services to come first.

After all, our operatives are not just there to do a job—but to show genuine care and concern that the job is carried out well and finished to a high standard.

We’re proud to report that these operatives, and our 24-hr call center staff, have been maintaining a fantastic service with many respondents saying that our customer services is either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.


Curve Ball

This year, we threw a curve ball to our customers by asking something that would tell us if we’re focusing our efforts correctly. We asked “When selecting a property maintenance company, what features are most important to you?”.

The respondents could choose one of the following:

  • • Quality of service
  • • Value for money
  • • Reliability
  • • Company’s reputation
  • • Price
  • • Accreditations

What would you have chosen?

It reassured us to hear that our customers chose “quality of service”, “value for money” and “reliability” over the other choices we gave. This shows that our instincts were correct: that it’s not always cheap prices that matters most. Many people realise that poor work quality comes when people cut corners to save on price.

In the long run, bargain basement prices can cost a company or an individual more in terms of wasted time, effort and aggravation.

By contrast, we’re very proud of our service. We want to improve on quality and let that bring you value for money. We hate to leave a job unfinished or poorly done.

That’s why people who responded to our survey unanimously said they would ‘recommend us to others in the future’.


Thank You!

To those who took part in the survey, thank you for your responses.

To others who may be reading this and considering contacting us to work for you—what are you waiting for!