Traditional window cleaning Vs Pole System

Posted on April 3, 2019 in Cleaning

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Which is the best method for window cleaning – the traditional way or using modern water fed poles and pure water?

What is traditional window cleaning?

Traditional methods involves the application of soapy water to a window which is then scrubbed clean. Professional window cleaners use microfiber cleaning sleeves fitted onto a hand held t-shaped bar. The sleeve is then soaked in water mixed with a window cleaning solution and applied to the glass. Microfiber sleeves are specially designed for their effective removal of dirt and combined with the cleaning product this cleans the window. A squeegee is then wiped over the glass similar to a car windscreen wiper and this removes the soapy water, leaving a nice clean window. Any water runs are wiped up with a dry microfiber cloth.

For many years this was the accepted way of cleaning windows for professional window cleaners and here at Protech we use this method for cleaning interior windows.

For first floors and higher it is necessary to use ladders and / or extendable poles which the T-bar and squeegee attach to.

A disadvantage of the traditional method is that cleaning products leave a clear film on the glass that can’t be wiped away. This attracts dirt which sticks to it meaning windows get dirtier quicker.

window cleaning

Water Fed Pole & Pure Water Window Cleaning

During the 1990’s water fed poles and pure water technology was introduced to the UK having been developed in the US.

Long reach poles that typically extend to around 30 ft but can go much higher have purified water pumped through them onto the glass. A brush on the end of the pole scrubs the window clean as pure water washes dirt away and also cleans frames and ledges. Water fed pole systems are operated from the ground.

Purified water is plain H2O. No other elements like salts and dissolved solids are present. What’s so special about this purified water? Well, now that the water is cleared of solids, it becomes a powerful rinsing tool. It binds to the accumulated solids on your windows and removes them. This is the magical moment when your window cleaner, armed with a pure water fed pole is able to bring back the sparkling and crystal clear appearance of your windows.

The combined and accumulated effects of the technology improvement described so far and the stricter legislation in the window cleaning business lead to the proliferation of the water fed pole window cleaning. Advantages of water fed pole systems include:

  • No film is left on glass so windows stay cleaner for longer
  • Pure water ensures a clear, streak-free finish
  • No ladders required protecting your privacy in upstairs
  • Safer for operators
  • Ability to reach higher windows and previously inaccessible windows

Customers are sometimes resistant to the change but after a few cleans they invariably appreciate their cleaner, clearer, shiny windows.

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