Why use Protech to sanitise your premises?

Posted on January 18, 2021 in Cleaning

sanitise my premises

There are many companies offering a variety of sanitising services and lots of claims being made about the services being offered. Not all processes are suitable for all situations. So why should I use Protech to sanitise your premises? – In order to differentiate ourselves from these organisations, we have accredited our company with ‘Safer Space’.

‘Safer Space’ set the standard for sanitising and decontamination cleans by ensuring that accredited cleaning provides must use: –

  • Approved Chemicals
  • Approved Machinery and Application
  • Approved Training for Operatives
  • Approved monitoring and testing to ensure the sanitising service is successful
  • ‘Safer Space’ carry out random independent audits to confirm the service provider is maintaining the standards.
  • As an accredited organisation we can provide ‘Safer Space’ certificates for your premises to confirm the above standards have been met.

Our approved chemical can continue to fight COVID19 for up to 3 months after application which is the most cost-effective solution that we believe is available.

We can also provide you with recommended cleaning programs as well as support with quarantine rooms and quick inexpensive sanitising packs for small areas which you can complete yourselves should you wish. We also can provide emergency callouts and additional support whenever required.

Get in touch today for quotes and availability. Our cleaning teams are fully trained in delivering specialist cleaning services to aid property managers and businesses in infection control and decontamination of their surrounding environment.

For more information or to book a site survey please call 0845 604 1288 and speak to one of our friendly team or visit Disinfection Cleaning Services.

So why should you use Protech to sanitise your premises….we are accredited by Safer Space:

Safer Space