Are your premises COVID-19 hygiene clean

Posted on March 30, 2021 in Cleaning

COVID-19 Hygiene Clean

Are your premises COVID-19 Hygiene Clean?

The one question that you should always ask your cleaning supplier is ‘How do I know the cleaning and disinfecting process has worked?’

How long does COVID-19 survive on surfaces?

The survival time for viruses is generally 9 days depending on the surface and environment. There was a study in October 2020 which showed that under the right conditions, COVID-19 could last on surfaces for up to a month. There is no published study with regards to the varying COVID-19 strains that are being discovered and if they have a different survival time.

We recommend that all areas where cases of COVID-19 have been present, receives a disinfection clean with approved chemicals and appropriate PPE. We note that early in the pandemic, published survival times for COVID-19 as provided by WHO were:

  • Air: 3 hours
  • Cardboard: 24 hours
  • Copper: 4 hours
  • Plastic: 72 hours or more
  • Steel: 48 hours
  • Please remember these times can vary depending on the environment to which these surfaces are located.

There is a reduction in risk of contracting the virus from a surface over time but you should always act immediately you become aware, ensure you have effective routine cleaning programs that can demonstrate effectiveness in the fight against COVID-19. In addition, ensure you have a provision in place for COVID-19 emergency call outs when required to help reduce any disruption to your operation.

A link to the Government website and their guidance is found below for non-healthcare settings. For any healthcare locations please contact us directly.

COVID-19: cleaning in non-healthcare settings outside the home – GOV.UK (

Should I sanitise my premises?

Yes, one of the UK Government COVID Secure requirements is that all premises being used should be sanitised on a regular basis with increased cleaning frequency carried out to high touch points during the day. WHO and HSE state that cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces is a critical part to being COVID Secure. Along with Hands, Face, Space approach, the sanitising of surfaces can help prevent and control any outbreaks.

Proper cleaning processes help with preventing any spread of COVID-19 but it also helps eliminate other harmful viruses and bacteria that may be introduced into an environment. It gives comfort to your employees and visitors that the environment you are providing is being properly serviced.

What cleaning process should I use?

There are different solutions for different environments and some are more suited than others. There are many claims being made about products and services on offer and not all are suitable or accurate in their claims. Therefore, always do your research and ask at least one question to your cleaning supplier ‘How do I know the cleaning and disinfecting process has worked?’ Any decent cleaning supplier will be able to provide you with their method and evidence of checking the decontamination of surfaces. We do offer chemical used and supplied by the NHS which are environmentally friendly and provides a quick turnaround for areas to be used again.

Why should you consider Protech Property Solutions?

We have a variety of products to meet every budget and we only recommend the most cost effective solutions. We look to see if savings can be made from your existing service and that you are receiving value for money. From chemicals that can continue to work against COVID-19 after application to dry fogging rooms. We can explain why the method we recommend is best suited to your site and needs. We carry out follow up visit and provide electronic reports with swab readings among other tests to demonstrate cleaning effectiveness. We offer additional support and after service care to meet our client’s needs.

As well as having numerous accreditations we have recently been accredited to ‘Safer Space’ who set a minimum standard for combating pandemics. They insist on using approved chemicals, approved machinery, approved training and approved measurements of performance.

We continue to review the market place and carry out our own in-house tests on product claims before we recommend them to our clients.

Safer Space’ set the standard for sanitising and decontamination cleans by ensuring that accredited cleaning provides must use: –

  • Approved Chemicals
  • Approved Machinery and Application
  • Approved Training for Operatives
  • Approved monitoring and testing to ensure the hygienic cleaning service is successful
  • ‘Safer Space’ carry out random independent audits to confirm the service provider is maintaining the standards.
  • As an accredited organisation we can provide ‘Safer Space’ certificates for your premises to confirm the above standards have been met.

The Services we offer Include:

  • Initial Microbe Testing
  • Preparation Deep Cleaning
  • Surface Disinfection
  • Dry and Wet Fogging
  • Application of Anti COVID-19 cleaning solution (up to 90 Days Protection)
  • Sanitising report to confirm the service has delivered the required affect
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Cleaning Service
  • Regular Viricidal Touchpoint Cleaning
  • Your Contingency Plan in case of site infection
  • Support to ensure you are COVID Secure

If you are going to select a company that can provide you with COVID Secure Cleaning Assurance then select one that has Fully Trained and Equipped Specialist Operatives using products accredited to Safer Space.

For help and advice on deep disinfection cleaning please call one of our friendly team on 0845 604 1288 or visit Disinfection Cleaning Services.