Autumn Pest Problems

Posted on September 24, 2020 in Pest

Autumn Pest Problems

As we look forward to Autumn and long walks in the park through fallen leaves we may forget that pests that have been enjoying the summer outside now want to move indoors with us! We hope you find this post useful to identify the most common Autumn Pest Problems.


Wasps will still be the main pest problem in the Autumn. Due to their life cycle, the wasp numbers in the environment are greater in the Autumn, their feeding habits are now more likely to bring them into contact with people and the diet of ripening fruit can make them drunk and more aggressive than normal.


Ants can quickly invade your home and become a serious problem particularly in kitchen and eating areas. They communicate with each other using chemical scent trails and an ant finding food will rapidly mark a trail back to the colony so fellow ants will follow it to the source of the food. Each time the trail is used the smell intensifies so it’s easy to see how infestation occurs.


Bed Bugs will probably remain at the same level with an expected increase later in the year when the bed bugs brought back in holiday suitcases for hotels at home and abroad start to be noticed. Compared to the other main biting insect pest (fleas) bed bugs are very slow developing and it is often months from the infestation being introduced to the time we are called out.


We notice an increase in the numbers of calls we get relating to spiders, this is due to spider numbers peaking in the Summer and then as the days get shorter and the weather colder they move into buildings for light and warmth.


Depending on temperature cluster flies generally appear in buildings from late September onwards. These flies are going into buildings to hibernate, not to breed or feed and are not considered a health hazard.


The other common pests in Autumn are fleas. With fleas the population peaks in the Autumn but other factors make flea calls more common at this time of year. Cats spend more time outside in the warmer weather and the warmth speeds up the fleas metabolism making them more hungry, with the cat not in the house then the fleas will feed on people.


Rats and mice need food, water and shelter to get through the winter months. They gnaw through wood and wire and fit through very small cracks. Rats can transmit a number of serious diseases and can introduce ticks and fleas into your home. They are also rapid breeders and extremely destructive.

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