Britain’s Most Annoying Pests

Posted on June 8, 2019 in Pest

Great Britain plays host to a wide variety of pests, almost all of which not only cause problems in our day-to-day lives but can also be incredibly annoying!

Here we put together Great Britain’s most annoying pests:


Annoying Pests

While flies don’t necessarily pose any threat to us (not in the same way as wasps anyway) they are notorious for hovering around our food and buzzing within our personal space. Even worse, entomologists estimate there are more than 30,000 species of fly – yet only 7,700 species have been identified.

The Reason:

Flies are just irritating and the fact they’re after our blood isn’t particularly charming either. Mosquitoes and horse flies also fall into this category for the same reason. Luckily, flies in the UK aren’t direct threats to our well-being, unlike the several species in South America and Australia. We should count ourselves lucky!


Annoying Pests

Ants make our list for a fair few reasons. Ants are most commonly seen in the summer months, as this is when they return from their hibernation period and start foraging for food.

The Reason:

Ants favour kitchens, bathrooms and any areas where its dry and more importantly, where food can be found. If you have any food that’s open, ants will have no problem diving into it to gather resources for its nearby nest. It’s important to seal any cracks or crevices in and around your property to ensure ants cannot get in.


Annoying Pests

Some people may disagree that seagulls are a nuisance but we have witnessed several instances where they’ve caused mayhem.

Seagulls are notorious scavengers, doing almost anything to get their beaks into some food, often going to extreme lengths!

The Reason:

Seagulls will aggressively steal people’s food right from their hands if they feel as if they’ve got a good chance at doing so. While they do not intend to physically harm us, their beaks are pretty sharp and it’s not uncommon to get bitten during their attempts to take your food. They’re also known for being quite aggressive, even when they aren’t directly threatened. So, keep your food close to you and try not to eat in seagull-infested areas.


Rats have always been a problem for Great Britian ever since the Black Death. Not only do rats breed at an alarmingly fast rate but they’re known carriers of disease and bacteria.

The Reason:

Being an animal that easily carries and transfers diseases and bacteria to other animals and people make them a pest to fear. They’re also very intelligent animals and persistent animals, meaning that they have no problem finding ways into your house and setting up camp somewhere where you won’t see them. They’re also fairly strong swimmers, so there’s always the possibility of a rat swimming up through your toilet – always a nice thought!


Great Britain’s most hated pest: wasps. We have written a number of articles on why wasps are one of the biggest nuisances to the people of Britain.

The Reason:

Wasps – despite their helpful pollinating – are constantly buzzing around our picnics and hiding in and around our drinks and food. It’s their incessant hovering and refusal to be batted away that irks us the most. People enjoy personal space and when you’ve got a wasp buzzing irritatingly close to your ear with the threat of stinging you, it can become quite tiresome after a while.

Also, while they won’t maliciously sting us, when they do, it’s pretty painful!

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