Building an Efficient and Budget Friendly School Facilities Maintenance Plan

Posted on October 27, 2015 in Building Maintenance,Our Service

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When it comes to the education sector, facilities must be kept up to health and safety standards all while staying within the set budget. A school’s facilities maintenance strategy is key when providing a comfortable and productive learning environment for students and staff, all while remaining cost effective. Here’s how to create a fool proof maintenance plan.

First, know your budget and know your equipment. The maintenance plan should be structured and tailored around what your equipment needs. The best, long lasting maintenance plan would be to create a preventative maintenance plan, where you will see over time how it effects your budget and overall wellbeing of your facilities. A planned preventative plan will prevent last minute fixes and extend the life of your facilities and equipment, therefore reducing future replacement cost.

While you are compiling a list of your equipment, be sure to consult with expert contractors and consultants to ensure that all areas are covered, from heating and gas to electricity grids and emergency energy. They’ll let you know the current status of your equipment as well as how often it needs to be maintained.

Along with your school facilities maintenance plan, you should plan to keep records of all schedules and fixes, keeping it easy to navigate through and quickly accessible. A perk of this is that you will be able to monitor the progress of your facilities and equipment over time. Therefore allowing you to see how this method if efficient and budget friendly.

Here are some core points to keep in mind:

  • Properly maintained facilities will stay up to date on school board health and safety regulations
  • There will be less last minute large fixes, reducing cost in the future
  • Properly maintained equipment will drain less energy, cutting down the utilities bill
  • Properly maintained equipment will last longer, reducing cost of replacements
  • With a healthy, safe, and proactive environment, students and staff are able to focus on teaching and learning

We hope this helps you and your team in creating a productive place for your students and staff.

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