Investing in Preventative Maintenance

Posted on October 29, 2015 in Building Maintenance,Our Service

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Why Should You Invest in Preventative Maintenance for Your Educational Buildings?

When it comes to a place of education, it is important to remember that health and safety of the students and staff come first. To ensure this, you must keep the facilities clean and up to standard. With regularly scheduled maintenance and inspections you’ll never risk the students’ safety and never be caught off guard with last minute fixes. Also it prevents the risk of large disruption and possible school closing during those last minute fixes. When budgets come into play, you’ll be able to keep a steady pace and record of your maintenance work, while avoiding large costing maintenance repairs because you wanted to save money in the short run.

Cost Difference between Reactive and Preventative Maintenance

Schools trying to cut back usually choose to cut back on preventative maintenance because of the cost and choose to only repair when needed. By doing so they believe that their saving money, however what they do not realize is that in the long term they’ll be spending more than needed. With preventative maintenance, schools pay regularly for cleaning, building maintenance, regular inspections, and equipment upkeep. Equipment that is not sustained and running in poor condition tends to use more energy than needed. Routinely monitoring and maintaining equipment keeps them running in prime condition, therefore saving you the extra energy cost. Along with that, the proper upkeep will increase equipment life and reduce the cost of constantly buying new equipment.

Looking at the building in general, preventative maintenance improves the quality of your facilities. With reactive maintenance you wait to fix an escalating problem until it becomes unusable and a problem. This causes you to put out large amounts of money to an extensive maintenance project that would disrupt the learning and teaching going on.


Risk of Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance involves the act of waiting around until something is inoperative. In doing so, you are risking the health and safety of the students and staff. While you wait for all these small fixes to turn into larger problems, your building could risk not meeting school board and government standards In the case of water damage and roofing leaks, it could lead to mold and decay within the building, endangering the area for students and staff. Unchecked boilers and electrical systems could also be a fire risk. These all cause last minute fixes, forcing you to rush around to find someone suitable to handle these projects and paying more for poor service, while also risking closing the school down for large maintenance fixes.


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