Posted on December 2, 2016 in Pest

common winter pests

When we think of pests, we often think of summer. The hotter months are associated with an abundance of wasps, ants, and other creepy crawlies – however, the winter months are not entirely pest-free. Here we outline some of the most common winter pests we find in the UK during the cold season and what you can do to prevent them infesting your home.

Why do we get pests in our homes during winter?

Most insects dislike cold weather just as much as you do, so when the temperature starts to drop they make the way inside your home, seeking a warm place to spend the winter months.

What pests are common in winter?

Flies & cockroaches: These pests are generally dirty creatures and can transmit infectious diseases to you and your family, especially if they come into contact with any of your food.

Mice and rats: Able to squeeze through the smallest of spaces, mice and rats will stay put in any warm home with access to food.

Wasps: Most commonly associated with summer, wasps need a warm place to hibernate for the winter, and if a queen finds a good warm space in your home, come spring you may find that the colony will have built a nest.

Spiders: Although harmless, many people can be scared of the unnerving looking creatures. Insecticides aren’t as effective on spiders as other pests as their long legs allow them to keep their body out of the spray and therefore, away from the poison.

Squirrels: You may find that squirrels have found access to your attic through chimneys or roof vents and can damage your property by chewing on the wooden beams.

How do I prevent common winter pests from getting into my home?

To keep pests out of your home, ensure that any gaps to the outside – loose window frames, cracks under doors, holes in walls etc – are completely sealed up. The less access there is into your home, the fewer pests will find their way in.

Another tip would be to make sure you aren’t providing a hospitable environment – insects and rodents require food to survive and will live off any scraps or crumbs they can find. Make sure you thoroughly clean any spills in the kitchen.

A final tip, to prevent rats and squirrels being attracted to your property, make sure your rubbish is in tightly tied bags which are stored cleanly and out of sight – having your bin washed will also help.

What should I do if I find pests in my home?

There are a few home remedies for getting rid of one or two pests in your home and bug killers, mouse traps and other means of disposal are available in supermarkets, hardware stores and more.

If you have a more serious problem, however, it would be best to contact a professional service to prevent the pests reappearing – remember, it is not enough to get rid of the pests themselves; you will need to remove droppings and eggs to prevent a repeat of the problem.

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