How to Overcome Skip Permits

Posted on January 22, 2019 in Waste Solutions

Overcome Skip Permits

To ensure public safety on highways, local councils require permits to be in place for skips placed on public roads. This is to minimise any hazards, obstructions and danger to both the pedestrians, residents and drivers.

Carrying out renovation work to your property can sometimes pose a challenge when you have no driveway or front garden to put a skip. It is an offence under the Highways Act 1980 to put a skip on the road without a permit.

If your road is wide and spacious enough for a skip, you will need to check with the skip hire company if they have a skip license for placing a skip on your road. The registered skip hire company will, in most cases have to apply to the council on your behalf for a skip or skip bag permit to be placed outside your house. Most local councils have an online facility to either apply online or download an application for a skip permit. The hire company will need to provide details on the address and start date for the skip hire.

There is a cost associated with the permit application, so this is something to consider, if there is a likelihood of it being rejected and it will be an additional cost to hiring the actual skip. The cost associated for the permit if successful is usually weekly and so a new permit will have to be applied for once the original expires. Different councils charge different amounts for a permit.

It can take up to a week for your skip permit application to be approved or rejected, as a highway assessor may have to visit the site beforehand. A narrow street of terraced houses can mean placing a skip on the road even trickier when the road is in constant use and there are cars parked on both sides.

If you are short for time and your renovation has come to a standstill because you have too much waste accumulation, Protech Waste Solutions can help you within your desired timeframe to remove waste and keep you on schedule with your maintenance. The cost of the permit and skip may not be within your budget either, so talking to our team about prices for removing waste may be beneficial to your project to save you money.

Whilst you are free to have a skip placed on private land, including your driveway, you are restricted from placing a skip on the pavement, as this obstructs a clear walkway for pedestrians, posing a health and safety risk to them. There are further rules that have to be adhered to if a skip is staying overnight on a public road. it is important to contact your local council or skip hire company to find out which of the following rules you will need to follow, to avoid paying a penalty of up to £1000;

  • Traffic cones
  • Reflective markings
  • Night safety lights
  • Name and address of the skip hire company

Protech can take your waste away from your property efficiently and safely, so there is no need for a skip to stay overnight outside your property. We can save you time having to investigate about skip permits and skip hire regulations, which can make your renovation hassle-free.

There are many other advantages of using a truck removal service rather than a skip too –

  • Protech are licensed to dispose of a wide range of materials including fridges
  • Waste can be cleared from anywhere on site, so there are no restrictions on access
  • All loading is completed by Protech, so you can leave the heavy work for us
  • We charge by the volume removed, so you don’t need to guess how big a skip you need
  • We call you when we are on the way so no waiting around
  • No risk of neighbours fly tipping your skip
  • No permit required, saving you money
  • 85% of junk is reused or recycled

Our team is available to talk to on 0845 604 1288 or visit Protech Waste Solutions for more information on our waste removal services.