Needles and Sharps Disposal

Posted on December 12, 2022 in Waste Solutions


You would not believe the number of hypodermic needles and sharps we find. Only this week our operatives spotted a whopping 40 discarded needles in a small void flat. These needles were removed by operatives using tongs, and placed safely in a sharps bin.

Needles and Sharps Disposals

One of the more dangerous aspects to our work is our needles and sharps removal service. Often found discarded in public places, they can pose a serious threat not only to wildlife, but also children and unsuspecting adults. It is extremely unsafe for you to go near such items, let alone attempt to clear them yourself. We are trained and certified in handling hazardous waste, so let us explain why our service is so important.

Careful Process

If we suspect that a property or area that we are working on contains sharp objects or needles, we will survey the surroundings before we start work. This enables us to prepare ourselves with the correct attire and equipment in advance. We will then proceed with caution as we remove all unsafe items. We sterilise and fumigate the affected location after we have cleared the site in order to make it safe for occupation. All needles/sharps/medical wastes are destroyed legally and safely at licensed stations.

Safe Disposal

All of our work is carried out with the highest of care and attention, and we operate under strict and structured guidelines to ensure that objects are not only removed carefully but disposed of in a safe and sanitary manner. Our team is fully trained and able to carry out their jobs at the highest level of safety and to the best standard possible. We will provide official documents as proof of disposal and all of our work is completely transparent.

Reasonable Pricing

Due to the hazardous nature of removing needles and sharps, many companies will charge extortionate prices to cover the risks involved. Clearance and Clean Up recognise how vital it is for dangerous paraphernalia to be removed quickly, and we aim to make it as affordable as possible to return safety to public places. The removal and disposal of needles and sharps starts at £85.00 and we operate in and around Greater London.

For help and advice about our Needles and Sharps clearance service please call one of our friendly team on 0845 604 1288 or visit Protech Safe Solutions.