Protect your property in severe winds

Posted on February 21, 2022 in General Info

Protect your property in severe winds

Your home should be the ultimate haven, a refuge to keep your family safe from harm. But that doesn’t mean your home is invulnerable to wind and storm damage. So why risk losing it? Here we discuss how to protect your property in severe winds:

Severe winds can occur anytime, or they can accompany storms like acute thunderstorms. Flying debris or downed trees and power lines can make severe winds a threat to lives, property, and utilities.

While you can’t prevent severe winds from happening, there are simple, low cost ways to secure your property to minimize damage and keep your home and your future safe.

Here’s how you can help protect your home from severe winds.

  • Get rid of overhanging or loose branches to help prevent damage in windy weather. Make sure to consult a tree surgeon and your local authority to ensure the work is carried out safely and legally.
  • Make sure you’re insured. Check your insurance coverage beforehand so you know exactly what you’re covered for.
  • Keep your heating on to avoid damage from cold pipes. Put the heating on for one hour a day to prevent your pipes from freezing up.
  • Secure loose external fittings on your house. These usually include – lights, hanging plants, alarms, trampolines and garden furniture. Failure to do so could result in them getting damaged or lost during a storm.
  • Check your roof for loose or cracked tiles. Compromised roof tiles will be the first casualties of severe weather, so get them repaired to avoid additional water damages from leaks.
  • Clear all gutters and pipes – blocked and damaged gutters can cause an overflow from water build-up resulting in flood damage.
  • Be prepared for strong winds by ensuring all doors, gates, and windows are fastened securely – failure to do so could result in external property damage for your home and others around you.
  • Make sure all fences and posts are as secure as possible – you don’t want them to cause damage to any other parts of your property, or worse, anyone else’s.

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