Tips for Choosing a Waste Collection Service

Posted on June 23, 2016 in Waste Solutions


Choosing a Waste Collection Service


We recognise that choosing a waste collection service can sometimes be a minefield of information. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the five most important things to look out for when choosing your service. These things are often reported by our customers as reasons for choosing Protech Waste Solutions over other waste services.

1. Reliability

Have you ever experienced the inconvenience of not having your waste collected when promised? In addition, consider the possible Health & Safety risk that this could pose to your business. When choosing a waste collection service we found regular collections in a timely manner are first and foremost what our customers report as being their top priority.

2. Environmental Credentials

Do you know where your waste is going? Working with a highly accredited waste company with a recycling-led focus will ensure that you are compliant with TEEP legislative guidelines. Our customers place a great deal of importance on our accreditations (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) and an aim to achieve zero landfill in the near future.

With focus on segregation at source, it is important to work with a waste management company that can help you to demonstrate improved recycling rates and support your environmental policies.

3. Customer Service

Issues can occur from time to time, but most importantly is how the issues are dealt with. Our customers reported that they will often stay with a waste management company that offer great customer service. Whether it is ensuring that queries are dealt with swiftly and in a professional manner, or operatives leaving the customer site tidy, good service is of crucial importance. Therefore when choosing a waste collection service be sure they offer excellent customer service and handle your concerns quickly and honestly.

4. Additional Services

Every business – from an independent shop to multi-national conglomerates – is required to prove that they are disposing of their waste correctly. Looking for a waste management company that offers everything you need is crucial in making your service as hassle-free as possible.

Whether it is separate food waste bins, secure shredding or hazardous waste disposal, choosing a service that covers all bases results in you saving time and money.

5. Price

Many businesses we spoke to emphasised the importance of getting the balance right between a fair price and quality of service.

Often, services that are priced slightly higher offer reliability, additional service and improve current processes so your waste management runs as smoothly as possible. For example, environmental reporting is something that you may want to consider so that you can monitor the effectiveness of your service and carbon savings. Remember: if the price seems too good to be true, it often is!

For further advice please feel free to contact one of our friendly team on 0845 604 1288 or for information on our waste services please visit Protech Waste Solutions.