Winter Drain Problems

Posted on January 20, 2023 in Building Maintenance

Winter Drain Problems

How to avoid winter drain problems and blockages:

It is of critical importance to keep all your property’s drainage systems in good working condition throughout the year. This applies especially strongly, however, during the winter season, when drains often suffer from blockages, frozen pipes and other issues as a result of the cold weather.

But how can you be sure of preventing a drainage blockage from occurring at your own domestic or commercial property in the months ahead? Let’s take a look at the possibilities.

Why drains block easily in winter

During the winter months, residential property owners and businesses don’t always use their drainage systems as often as they should do. This frequently results in frozen pipes or blocked drains, which would hardly do any favours for your drainage system in general.

If a property is unoccupied and not used for a certain period of time during the winter, and its water systems are left untouched, this could damage the drainage system’s functionality and lead to frozen pipes.

How to prevent a drain blockage at your property

Leaving your property and its systems vacant over the winter can heighten the chances of a drain blockage. Therefore, if you are away and leave your house empty over the colder months, it is a good idea to arrange for someone – such as a family member – to come in and turn the heating on for an hour, and to operate the taps and water systems for a short while. This will help ensure everything is in working order.

Even if you are present at home during the winter and often use your drainage system, it is necessary to remain aware of its function and practicality. Small leaks should be avoided in the winter, since they can quickly turn into a significant problem, creating frozen pipes.

We would urge you to watch out for any indications of a blocked drain, such as by checking for any sudden spikes in the water level, as a blockage can occur more easily during the winter than in any other season.

You should also keep your drains clear of any debris or objects such as leaves, to make sure nothing falls into the drainage system, freezes quickly, and causes a drain blockage as a result.

Leaves entering drains can clog the system and damage pipes, which could lead to your property becoming flooded. It’s also wise, every time it snows, to make sure your property’s drainage systems aren’t obstructed by snow or ice.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be that complicated to ward off drain blockage problems

Another way in which you can help avoid blocked drains this winter is by being cautious about what you put down them. Although this is a frequent cause of blocked drains at any time of year, anything you put down your drainage system will freeze faster in the winter as a result of the colder temperatures, thereby meaning any foreign objects aren’t broken down or disintegrated as easily. This can then lead to any blockage issues escalating quicker.

Sadly, even with the best preparation and the most vigilance applied over the colder and wetter months, drain blockages can occur. If you have winter drain problems, our specialists engineers would be happy to come to your property and quickly solve the problem.

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