Winter Gritting

Posted on November 10, 2023 in Gardening

Winter Gritting

Winter Gritting Services by Protech Property Solutions

Navigating footpaths and roads during the winter months can pose significant hazards, jeopardizing the safety and efficiency of your customers, clients, and tenants. Enter Protech’s Winter Gritting Services – the ultimate solution to your winter challenges.

Why Choose Protech?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Gritting and Snow Clearance throughout London & the Home Counties.
  • Flexible Options: Proactive, Pay-as-you-go, and Reactive gritting services tailored to your needs.
  • Advanced Technology: High-tech Met Office forecasting and satellite-tracked gritting vehicles.
  • Financial Protection: £10 million public liability insurance.

Service Options:

  1. Proactive Gritting Service:
    • Set a temperature threshold, and Protech automatically handles the gritting when needed.
    • Enjoy peace of mind with automated, hassle-free service.
  2. Pay-as-you-go Gritting Service:
    • Analyse temperature reports and decide when to request gritting.
    • Flexibility to choose when gritting is required.
  3. Reactive Gritting Service:
    • Additional gritting within 24 hours of the previous session.
    • Rapid response, aiming to be on-site within three hours.

Types of Salt and De-icers:

  • Brown De-icing Salt:
    • Ideal for public pathways and highways.
    • Mined from the ground, a finite resource.
  • White De-icing Salt:
    • Purer than traditional rock salt, leaves less residual.
    • Renewable resource, environmentally friendly.
  • High-Performance De-icers:
    • Granular or liquid form, less corrosion, works at low temperatures.
  • Liquid De-icer:
    • Fast-acting, effective at low temperatures.
    • Suitable for metal staircases and pathways.

Salt Bins: Ensure on-site salt supply with salt bins (grit bins), regularly checked to maintain sufficient stock during cold weather.

How Gritting Works: Salt, a key player in melting snow and ice, lowers the freezing point of water. Gritting machines spread salt, initiating melting and preventing the bond between the road and snow/ice. The result? Clear and safe roads and paths, allowing for uninterrupted traffic flow.

Health and Safety Compliance: Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Protech prioritizes safety, ensuring slip and trip risks are controlled. Employees and visitors alike can move around safely, minimizing the risk of accidents.

Don’t let winter disrupt your operations. Let Protech Property Solutions manage the risks and keep your premises safe and accessible.

Contact us today on 01707 644 601 for a tailored winter gritting solution! or visit Protech Winter Gritting Services for more information.