Anti Slip Floor Specialists

Quick, effective & cost efficient solutions that improve the safety in your property

Anti Slip Floor Specialists

Quick, effective & cost efficient solutions that improve the safety in your property

Preventing accidents in all environments

Protech Property Solutions Ltd is a company specialising in the distribution and supply and fix of anti-slip (commonly known as non-slip) safety surfacing coatings & treatments. Protech also undertake pendulum slip assessment testing using the latest HSE approved equipment.

Slip Testing

Slipping and tripping is the single largest cause of accidents but unfortunately it is very rarely treated seriously and in fact a person slipping is often used in comedy sketches to get a few cheap laughs! In real life however anyone who has suffered a slip accident knows just how life changing slipping over can be.

As a property owner or occupier you are responsible for the safety of your residents, contractors and members of the public. It is therefore imperative that you know if your floor surfaces represent a slip risk in both dry and wet conditions. Not knowing this very valuable piece of information could be very costly for anyone that is responsible for the safety of their staff and customers if a slip accident occurs on their property.

Most slip accidents are caused by a simple lack of good housekeeping and if the floor surface involved had been properly and regularly cleaned and maintained the slip accident would probably have never even occurred.

By testing your floor surface in both wet and dry conditions and also before and after cleaning, we will be able to tell you if in fact they represent a slip hazard or not.

If they do we will look at your individual circumstances and recommend the best and most cost effective course of action for you to undertake.

For more information please visit: Slip Testing

Anti Slip Coatings

Anti slip coatings are a very simple yet effective way of protecting your premises and avoiding the risk of injury to people on site.

At Protech Property Solutions we specialise in working with the finest anti-slip coating manufacturer No Skidding® to provide commercial and industrial customers across the South East of England with the best products in terms of anti slip qualities and longevity.

Our anti-slip painting services will ensure that there is a sense of safety in the room without the worry of slipping over. We also provide a range of epoxy resins to ensure that there is maximum protection against potential dangers.

For more information please visit: Anti Slip Coatings

Anti Slip Floor Treatments

Make your current flooring safer with specialist anti-slip treatment from ProTech Property Solutions… same floor, reduced chance of slips.

  • Greatly increases the floors slip resistance
  • Keeps the floors appearance*
  • Creates a hard-wearing anti-slip surface
  • Suitable for all types of flooring
  • Helps increases resistance to stains
  • Treatment works on internal and external floors

Our anti-slip treatment provides a cost effective solution at a fraction of the cost of floor replacement.

Our 5-step anti-slip flooring solution includes:

  1. A professional slip assessment of your floor surfaces using the pendulum slip test to BS7976
  2. Qualification of the risk of slipping, versus maintenance and floor contamination
  3. Identification of the most effective non-slip flooring solution for your business
  4. Application of one of the UK’s widest range of anti-slip flooring treatments or coatings to our exacting standards
  5. Certification of final surface performance using the pendulum slip testto BS7976

Working with world leading manufacturer No Skidding our non-slip flooring solutions make your floors safer for you and your visitors, whilst making the process as easy and non-intrusive as possible and protecting your bottom line.

ProTech’s anti-slip floor treatment is a quick, effective and cost efficient solution that improves safety in areas with both wet and dry slip hazard potential. Our anti-slip floor coating is a clear product that can be applied to any resilient hard floor without altering the appearance of the floor.

We have non-slip / anti-slip solutions for all hard floors and specialise in resolving problems on all hard floor surfaces including: vinyl, linoleum, rubber, safety flooring, laminates, ceramics, porcelain, quarry tile, granite, terrazzo, travertine, natural stone, concrete, slate, glass, metal, glazed tiles, marble, wood, decking and more.

We are equipped with HSE-preferred Pendulum Test equipment that is re-calibrated annually to British Standard. All pendulum slip testing is conducted to BS7976.

We will consider any size job and advise you the best solution for your property, no matter what the issue we can help to solve your problem.

For more information please visit: Anti Slip Treatments

Call now on 0845 604 1288 for more information on our anti slip treatments and coatings or to arrange a free site survey. 

*Some floor finishes may change marginally. High gloss & polished finishes may become slightly less shiny