High Level Cleaning Solution

Expertise in cleaning those hard to reach and confined spaces

High Level Cleaning Solution

Expertise in cleaning those hard to reach and confined spaces

High Level Cleaning Solution

Internal and external high level cleaning solutions for residential and commercial facilities which are often extremely difficult to keep clean and hygienic.

With experience in high level access cleaning working across all, Protech Property Solutions are one of the leading and most reliable high level cleaning company in South East England. Our High Level Cleaning Service includes:

  • Building internal walls, ceilings, lights and ducting
  • Exterior cladding of buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities, warehouse & process cleaning including & pressure washing
  • Removing dust build-up or fat and grease residues

The Experts In High Level Cleaning

We have the equipment and expertise to clean those hard to reach and confined spaces on your behalf.

Protech Property Solutions offer a specialised, cost effective high level cleaning and disinfection service that ensures all elevated areas are fully and thoroughly cleaned. Working to stringent health and safety standards Protech’s technicians complete a thorough risk assessment prior to commencing any high level cleaning operation.

Our Methods Of High Level Cleaning

Any high level cleaning job is always a challenge and having the right equipment for the job is so important when given the task of cleaning those hard to reach areas. We have access to all of the below equipment to assist with any high level cleaning scenarios:

All of the specialist high rise access equipment that we have access to is listed below:

  • Cherry Picker – An aerial platform that consists of a platform or bucket at the end of a hydraulic lifting system which can reach from 15m to 50m
  • Scissor Lift – Uses linked, folding supports in a criss-cross ‘X’ pattern, known as a scissor mechanism to reach from up to 7m to 35m
  • Vehicle Mounted Aerial Lift – Commonly used on public roads and highway
  • One Man Lift Platform – Gives a working height of up to 9.5m. Are great for working in tight spaces
  • Mobile Scaffolding – Provides a free standing, stable and easily movable working platform
  • Rope Access Cleaning – Enables us to reach and clean the unreachable areas of your facility with the freedom to abseil nearly everywhere

Below is a list of the range of equipment that we have access to for cleaning those high reach areas:

  • Jet Washers
  • Back Pac Vacuum
  • Atex Vacuums
  • Wet & Dry Vacuum
  • Water Feed Brush
  • Long Reach Poles

Utilising high level access equipment and advanced cleaning techniques Protech’s trained technicians perform the specialised cleaning service at times that are convenient to your business operations. In addition to being capable of dealing with all high level cleaning situations Protech Property Solutions is also proficient in confined space cleaning.

We are able to offer a regular scheduled cleaning service to ensure a consistent level of hygiene is achieved and maintained within your premises.

For more information on our High Level Cleaning Solution please call 0845 604 1288. 

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