Mould Removal Service

Protech: Your Mould Removal Experts

Mould Removal Service

Protech: Your Mould Removal Experts

Discover the peace of mind that comes with our professional mould removal service and treatments,  which help to prevent mould from reappearing. If you’ve noticed mould, it indicates the presence of a mould colony in your home, posing health risks that require urgent attention. Mould exposure can lead to respiratory issues, allergies, and more severe health complications if left untreated.

Mould removal service

As experts in mould remediation, we specialise in decontaminating and cleaning mould from your property, eliminating health risks associated with its presence. Our treatment process begins with a thorough mould survey to identify the underlying causes of mould growth. Our certified technicians utilise advanced tools to gather data and tailor a remediation plan to your property’s specific needs. The findings are presented to you in a comprehensive report, along with recommendations to reduce moisture and condensation.

Condensation, often caused by common human behaviours and poor ventilation, is a primary contributor to mould growth. Structural defects such as cracks, broken guttering, and insulation issues can also lead to dampness, creating an ideal environment for mould.

We’ve transformed the mould cleaning process to ensure long-lasting protection against harmful mould spores, prioritising the safety of you and your loved ones.

Our comprehensive mould cleaning procedure includes:

Protech Property Solutions delivers prompt and professional mould cleaning and removal services to effectively eliminate all traces of mould growth from your premises. Our tailored solutions are available around Greater London for both residential and commercial properties.

Our comprehensive two-part mould cleaning service ensures thorough removal and sanitisation of affected areas to help prevent re-growth.

  • Upon arrival, our specialist technicians are fully equipped with specialized gear, including personal protective equipment (PPE) and respiratory protective equipment (RPE), such as half-mask respirators with P3 filters, ensuring their safety during the process.
  • To enhance air quality during treatment, we deploy HEPA Air Purifier units, continuously purifying the air throughout the procedure. These units remain operational post-treatment to ensure optimal air quality, with at least one full air exchange per room size before removal.
  • Our technicians begin by removing visible mould deposits, followed by the application of our dual-action treatment plan as recommended during the onsite survey. This involves using our mould eliminator to clean and remove mould appearances, coupled with specialised cleaning equipment. Subsequently, our mould sanitiser solution is applied to eradicate any remaining mould residue and prevent regrowth by forming a protective barrier.
  • After treatment, our technicians meticulously wipe down all surfaces to ensure they are dry and free of cleaning solution residue. Any waste generated during the process is disposed of in accordance with waste segregation guidelines.
  • Finally, our technicians conduct a thorough review to ensure the treated area meets safety and cleanliness standards, ensuring your satisfaction with our service. Trust Protech Property Solutions for efficient and reliable mould cleaning and removal solutions tailored to your needs.

We stand by our work with a 1-year guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction and a mould-free environment. Don’t compromise on your family’s health and safety – trust Protech Property Solutions for professional mould removal.

Contact us today on 01707 644 601 for a quote or to learn more about our treatment process. Let us help you reclaim a clean and healthy living space.