Anti Slip Coatings

Experts in anti-slip technologies

Anti Slip Coatings

Experts in anti-slip technologies

Slippage on wet floors can take a fraction of a second, while the consequences could last a lifetime. Broken bones and litigation are some of the possible outcomes. Reducing the risk of slip injury is a critical safety aspect to be considered.

Anti slip coatings are a very simple yet effective way of protecting your premises and avoiding the risk of injury to people on site.

Is this your floor problem:

  • the floor doesn’t meet the safety requirements.
  • worried you may get sued if someone slips over.
  • can’t afford to rip up and replace with safety flooring.
  • want to keep the original look.
  • long business interruption would be too expensive and unacceptable
  • safety underfoot is limited, compared with the new condition.

Then Anti Slip coatings are the answer:

  • guarantee extra safety underfoot in accordance with the BS7976 Pendulum slip testing.
  • economical in use and friendly to the environment
  • guarantee to reduce the chance of slip injury
  • proven to extend the lifetime of floor use
  • guarantee safety underfoot.

At Protech Property Solutions we specialise in working with the finest anti-slip coating manufacturer No Skidding® to provide commercial and industrial customers across the South East of England with the best products in terms of anti slip qualities and longevity.

Our anti-slip painting services will ensure that there is a sense of safety in the room without the worry of slipping over. We also provide a range of epoxy resins to ensure that there is maximum protection against potential dangers.

No Skidding® offer a wide range of products for a wide range of surface materials for use in every area from domestic conditions to industrial installations and even naval vessels.

No Skidding® Anti Slip Speciality Floor Coatings are formulated to be hard wearing under industrial conditions.

These Industrial Coatings offer maximum performance and safety, while providing straight forward application and low maintenance. No Skidding® Floor Coatings are designed to provide sure, safe footing on wet or sloped areas in manufacturing operations, warehouse facilities, indoor walkways, ramps, loading bays, sports or concert venues – indeed anywhere a tough anti slip surface is required.

Call us today on 0845 604 1288 to discuss your anti-slip painting requirements with our experts. We will arrange a free survey and a no obligation quotation at your convenience and ensure that you receive the epoxy resins and anti-slip painting services that you require.

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