Communal Cleaning

Bespoke cleaning services for Property Managers throughout South East England

Communal Cleaning

Bespoke cleaning services for Property Managers throughout South East England

Communal Cleaning

From multi tenanted office buildings to residential blocks of flats and sheltered housing schemes, Protech Property Solutions provide the Complete Communal Cleaning Solution.

The communal and common area cleaning service that we provide can be uniquely designed to suit your needs and ensure the highest standards of hygiene are maintained throughout your property. Protech places the same level of detail on every job we complete, from cleaning programmes to maintenance and upkeep of your common areas.

Our highly trained cleaners are directly employed and uniformed. They clean to an agreed communal cleaning specification of work designed specifically for your premises and take pride in the quality of service delivered. This communal cleaning specification is kept in a cleaning manual on site along with other essential documents. As well as wearing smart uniforms our cleaners also wear security badges to ensure they are easily recognisable whilst attending your property.

Our experienced team are motivated by happy customers and the opportunity to create a clean and hygienic environment for their residents that meet your budget and exceed expectations.

communal cleaning

The communal area of your building is often the first place that visitors will see, so make the best first impression possible with a range of services that include:

  • Reception area
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning
  • Stair cleaning
  • Daily and periodical cleaning services
  • Bespoke tailored cleaning solution
  • High level periodical clean
  • Washroom cleaning services
  • Day cleaners service
  • Special floor care service (granite, stone, marble, Terrazzo, wood, carpet)
  • Deep cleaning

Our approach to cleaning communal areas reflects the importance of this task. Cleaning of these areas are more intensive because of the traffic through the building. Thorough cleaning protects the floor and any other surfaces that come into contact with this footfall.

Because these areas get such a high level of wear & tear, regular cleaning is often supplemented with periodical deep cleans such as carpet cleaning, hard floor maintenance, high level dusting etc. These can be arranged on an ‘as and when required’ basis or as part of an agreed maintenance schedule, whichever suits your budget. We will be pleased to provide you quotes for both.

We can also arrange the installation of barrier matting for entrance halls, washroom hygiene facilities such as feminine hygiene bins (sani-bins), air fresheners etc.

Protech are an ISO9001 accredited Company with 30 years’ experience in communal estate cleaning and support services, we are proud of our long associations with many of London’s finest property management companies.

For more information on our cleaning solutions please call 0845 604 1288 or visit Protech Clean Solutions.

Other specialist cleaning work we do:

  • Anti Slip Treatments & Coatings
  • Bin Store Management
  • Concierge Services
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Flood Damage Control
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Gutter Clearance & Repairs
  • Hard Floor Maintenance
  • High Level Cleaning
  • Needle & Sharps Disposal
  • Pressure Washing Services
  • Window & Fascia Cleaning Services