Graffiti Removal Service

If your property/business has been vandalised by Graffiti, don’t wait. Try our rapid response graffiti removal today.

Graffiti Removal Service

If your property/business has been vandalised by Graffiti, don’t wait. Try our rapid response graffiti removal today.

Our graffiti removal service at a glance

  • Removes virtually all types of graffiti from most surfaces
  • Rapid response graffiti removal for Anti social graffiti
  • Graffiti can be removed from vehicles
  • Graffiti removed from Heritage Buildings and Monuments

Protech Property Solutions acknowledge how damaging graffiti can be to a business or to your home, the best way to deal with unwanted graffiti is quickly, effectively and as urgently as possible.

Our fully trained staff will complete a detailed site survey and will recommend the most suitable removal system. They are very familiar with the different types of methods required to remove graffiti and are able to decide specifically which one would solve your problem the in best and most efficient way.

We have a wide range of specially formulated gels and solvent based products which are used in various combination and processes to remove virtually all types of graffiti without leaving any damage to surfaces and the environment.

The system we use here at Protech is a unique system that not only removes graffiti to a very high standard but is also:-

  • 100% Environmentally friendly
  • Leaves no damage to surfaces.
  • Does not have to rely on high pressure jet washers.
  • Is safe to use on buildings and statues of importance and historic interest.
  • 100% Effective guaranteed.

graffiti removal service

Rapid Response Graffiti Removal Service | Anti-social graffiti removed fast

Racist or abusive graffiti can damage business and have a devastating affect on people personally. The best way to deal with racist graffiti or abusive, vulgar graffiti is quickly and effectively. We will prioritise any racist or abusive graffiti and will respond as a matter of urgency. Do not settle for this type of graffiti. We respond to this type of graffiti within 24 hours where possible.

Vehicle Graffiti Removal Service | Graffiti cleaned from cars/trucks without damage to paintwork

Paint on vehicles provides a different kind of challenge. Paintwork on cars is unsuitable to the usual ways of cleaning graffiti and therefore in the past has required expensive re-sprays. We remove all graffiti from motor vehicles without the need of expensive re-sprays. Our Sensitive Surface graffiti remover is designed to remove graffiti from all sensitive surfaces without damage.

Heritage Building and Monument Graffiti Removal | Delicate surfaces require specialist graffiti cleaning

We remove all types of graffiti from Heritage buildings and Monuments without damage and leaving no ghosting or shadows. The fact that we don’t use high pressures or abrasives means that we can clean old stonework without causing damage. This is the only graffiti removal system that is authorised for use on the World Heritage sandstone that makes up central Edinburgh.

We posted an article on how to prevent graffiti at your property which you you may find of interest:

Call now on 0845 604 1288 for more information on our Graffiti Service.

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